Program Updates (April 2023)

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Gov. Jared Polis, alongside the Department of Local Affairs, has proclaimed April 10-14, 2023, as National Community Development Week in Colorado. In 1986, National Community Development Week was created to bring nationwide attention to the Community Development Block Grant program through grassroots support. The main objective of the week is to provide education on the importance of this program, its impact, and the need for increased program funding. 

​Last month, the Department of Local Affairs distributed more than $24 million from the Conservation Trust Fund to 482 local governments across Colorado. ​These dollars​ are distributed​ quarterly​ ​on a per capita basis to ​eligible ​counties, cities, towns, and Title 32 special districts​ that provide park and recreation services in their service plans.​ Funding can be used for the acquisition, development, and maintenance of new conservation sites or for capital improvements or maintenance for recreational purposes on any public site. 

Last month, the Division of Housing and the Division of Local Government hosted a virtual stakeholder engagement workshop to discuss the three Affordable Housing Support Fund programs outlined in Proposition 123, which the Department of Local Affairs is charged with implementing and that are to receive 40% of the State Affordable Housing Fund created through the proposition.

  • Affordable Home Ownership will receive up to 50% of the fund, estimated to be $29 million in Year 1 and $58 million in Year 2.
  • Program Servicing Persons Experiencing Homelessness will receive up to 45% of the fund, estimated to be $26.1 million in Year 1 and $52.2 in Year 2.
  • The Local Planning Capacity Development Program will receive up to 5% of the fund, estimated to be $2.9 million in Year 1 and $5.8 million in Year 2.

To view recordings of the meeting, visit the Proposition 123 Implementation website and look for the “Stakeholder Meeting Recordings” section on the right, or visit the recordings page directly.