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The Division of Local Government
Created in 1966, DOLA’s Division of Local Government (DLG) has been a strong voice for local governments across Colorado for over 50 years and believes that strong local communities create a strong Colorado. The Division of Local Government advocates for self-reliance, local empowerment.

About the Division

Our Vision


The Department of Local Affairs is responsible for strengthening Colorado’s local communities and building capacity by providing strategic training, research, technical assistance, and funding to localities.



The Division of Local Government provides various technical and financial resources related to land use planning, economic development, and sustainable community development. We offer creative solutions for helping local governments and their partners tackle complex issues. Learn more at Community Development Planning.

The Colorado Main Street program encourages the vibrancy of traditional downtowns and historic commercial districts, and promotes economic development. This program also helps with the preservation of historic structures through architectural services, funded in part by History Colorado's State Historical Fund. Learn more at Main Street Communities.

The Division of Local Government leans into rural community and economic prosperity during transitioning economies, and times of shock and disaster, by providing research, assistance and coordination state wide. We empower Colorado communities in the face of major challenges. We work with state agencies, communities, and other organizations across the state to foster adaptability to change while preserving and enhancing the environment, economy, and high quality of life. Learn more at Colorado Resiliency.



The Division of Local Government produces multiple guides, conducts analysis, creates reports, and provides the tools needed to guide communities through complex processes to help local governments reach their goals. Bringing statewide expertise in governmental finance and fiscal management, general government administration, critical infrastructure project development, DLG can conduct research, provide analysis and gather information to assist with more informed decisions.

Working statewide allows the Division of Local Government to identify trends and best practices, which amplifies the ability to uniquely support the strengthening all of Colorado communities.

The field services team lives and works in eight regional offices and interfaces with Department of Local Affairs and other state agencies to support local problems solving, project development, and to provide technical advice to local governments. Each regional manager works closely with local governments, community leaders, and state agencies. They can be your local first point of contact with the Division of Local Government.



DLG proudly stewards on average more than $200 million annually into communities statewide through several discretionary grants and formula distribution programs.

The following programs are made available through both federal and state dollars and include financial assistance for community and economic development projects, public facilities and infrastructure, as well as other local government and community priorities:

  • Community Development Block Grant
  • Community Services Block Grant
  • Disaster Recovery and Rebuilding
  • Federal and State Stimulus Programs
  • Local Community Funding Guide
  • Energy and Mineral Impact Assistance Fund and Distribution
  • Rural Economic Development Initiative
  • Best and Brightest Management Fellowship
  • Conservation Trust Fund Distribution
  • Local Government Limited Gaming Impact
  • Peace Officer Mental Health Support Grant
  • Firefighter Cardiac Benefit
  • Volunteer Firefighter Benefit
  • Gray and Black Marijuana Enforcement Grant
  • Transforming Safety - Community Crime Prevention Initiative