Direct Distribution - Severance Tax and Federal Mineral Lease

The Colorado Department of Local Affairs distributes revenue derived from energy and mineral extraction statewide. These revenues come from State Severance Tax receipts and Federal Mineral Lease non-bonus payments.



Reporting Parties - Colorado Employee Residence Report Filing

Each year producers of minerals subject to State Severance Tax are required by law to file employee residence information, for the purpose of redistributing Severance Tax and Federal Mineral Lease (FML) revenue to Colorado local communities impacted by energy and mineral extraction and development.

Please consult the Colorado Employee Residence Report Portal User Guide for more information.

For Reporting Party Colorado Employee Residence Report Filing

Local Government Challenges

Both federal mineral lease and severance tax direct distributions use a count of municipal and county residents employed in mineral extraction as one of the factors to determine the allocations to and within counties. Beginning mid-June, Local Governments are encouraged to review the Colorado Employee Residence Report (CERR) data based upon their knowledge of industry employees residing in their jurisdiction to determine if any of the associated addresses require a challenge. CERR data review and address challenges are accessible through the link below.

For Local Government Address Challenges

Forms and Resources


Contact Information

Initial Interest

Direct inquiries regarding initial program interest to your Regional Manager. Use the other program contacts once the initial process with your Regional Manager is complete.


Program Contacts

For Counties, Municipalities, and School Districts:
Bret Hillberry
Program Manger
(303) 864-7730

For Reporting Parties:
Leslie Jones
Program Manager
(303) 864-7735


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