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Regional Manager Teams

Regional Manager Teams


The DOLA Field Services Team, with 8 Regional Managers and 4 Regional Assistants, housed in the Division of Local Government provides a unique national model of excellence for State and Local Government relations and services. This team of former city and county managers, elected officials and department directors are embedded into communities to provide real time, hands-on support for approximately 330 general purpose local governments and hundreds of special districts.

The Regional Team's Impact on Colorado Communities

A Regional Manager can help develop your projects with careful consideration of the mixture of available funding from a wide variety of sources. Each Regional Manager has extensive experience at the local, county, and state levels in project development and funding. In addition to project planning, Regional Managers have the skill and resources to assist in budgeting, facilitation and strategic planning.

A Regional Assistant can help you manage your contract requirements and the financial obligations to your grant. They can provide training and resources for using the portal, filling out requests for reimbursement forms and reports, and finalizing documentation for your project.


The Regional Manager Teams

In order to provide the best possible service throughout the state, the Department of Local Affairs has a Regional Manager and a Regional Assistant to serve each county and the local governments within those counties.

Find My Regional Manager Team

The Field Services Team, led by the Regional Managers are able to help local governments and community agencies do the following:

  • Define issues
  • Evaluate options
  • Identify solutions
  • Conduct management training
  • Facilitate planning
  • Provide community development and technical assistance
  • Teach good governance practices
  • Support your capital improvement planning
  • Provide board training, visioning and goal setting


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