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1041 Regulations in Colorado


2018 Planning for Hazards Webinar Series


5.5% Property Tax Revenue Limit


Account Login

American Rescue Plan (ARP)

Audits and Exemptions


Best and Brightest Management Internship and Fellowship Program

Best Practices in Policing Study

Broadband Initiative

Budget Information and Resources

Budgeting and Finance


Civil Asset Forfeiture Reporting

Climate Resilience Challenge

Colorado Land Use Survey

Colorado Stimulus Funds

Community Crime Prevention Initiative (CCPI)

Community Development and Planning

Community Development and Planning Training Opportunities

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

Community Development Block Grant Guidebook

Community Development Block Grant - Covid (CDBG-CV)

Community Development Block Grants for Disaster Recovery

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

Comprehensive Plans

Conservation Trust Fund (CTF)

Continuity of Operations

Coronavirus Relief Fund (CVRF)

County and Municipal Financial Compendium


Defense Counsel First Appearance Grant Program

Direct Distribution - Severance Tax & Federal Mineral Lease

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery, Rebuilding, and Resiliency

Disaster Resilience Rebuilding Program


Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund (EIAF) Advisory Committee

Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance

Energy/Mineral Impact Assistance Fund Grant (EIAF)


Federal Revenue Programs

Federal Stimulus Funds

Filing and Reporting

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance for Individual Residents

Firefighter Cardiac Benefit Program

Fires and Floods of 2012 and 2013 Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery

Funding Opportunities


Gray and Black Market Marijuana Enforcement Grant

Heritage Energy

High Performance Certification Program (HPCP)



Housing Recovery Program


Incentives Grant Program (IHOI)

Inflation - Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Consumer Price Index

Innovative Affordable Housing Strategies

Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs)


Join Main Street


Land Use Codes

Land Use Dispute Resolution

Law Enforcement Community Services Grant Program

Local Community Funding Guide

Limited Gaming Impact Grant

Local Government Purchasing Assistance

Local Match Program (Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act)


Main Street Program

Main Street Approach and Resources

Main Street Communities

Main Street LIVE: Livability Investments for Vibrant Economies

Main Street: Open For Business (MSOB)

Main Street Reinvestment Statistics

Marshall Fire Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Program

Marshall Fire Disaster Recovery Resources

Meet the Regional Manager Team

Microgrids for Community Resilience Program

Mobile Veterans Support Unit Grant (MVSU)

More Housing Now & Land Use Initiative


Non-profit Infrastructure Grant Program


Peace Officer Behavioral Health Support and Community Partnership Grant Program

Planning Commissioner Resources

Planning Grant Program (IHOP)

Pools Special Initiative (PSI) Lifeguard Training Initiative

Prison Study

Public Involvement


Reduction of Administrative Burdens

Regional Managers

Regional Access Partners

Regional Managers and Regional Assistants

Renewable and Clean Energy Initiatives

Resilience and Hazard Mitigation

Rural Economic Advancement of Colorado Towns (REACT)

Rural Economic Development Initiative


Small Business Relief Program

Special District Administration

Special District Election Forms

Special District Elections

Special Districts

Staff and Contact Information

Stimulus Funds

Strong Communities

Sustainability Planning


The Main Thing

Three-Mile Plans

Training, Technical Assistance, and Research


University Technical Assistance Program


Volunteer Firefighter Pension Fund


Water and Land Use Integration

Water and Wastewater Management


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