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For media inquiries connect with the Department of Local Affairs Newsroom. The Department of Local Affairs accepts Colorado Open Record Request (CORA) requests.

1313 Sherman Street
Suite 521
Denver, CO 80203

Email: dola_dlg_helpdesk@state.co.us

Phone: 303-864-7720


Check-in with Your Regional Manager Team

A Regional Manager can help develop your projects with careful consideration of the mixture of available funding from a wide variety of sources. Each Regional Manager has extensive experience at the local, county, and state levels in project development and funding. In addition to project planning, Regional Managers have the skill and resources to assist in budgeting, facilitation and strategic planning.

A Regional Assistant can help you manage your contract requirements and the financial obligations to your grant. They can provide training and resources for using the portal, filling out requests for reimbursement forms and reports, and finalizing documentation for your project.

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Administration and Business Operations

Eric Bergman, Director

Dave Bowman, Deputy Director

Danielle Milone, Executive Assistant

Beth Lipscomb, Director, Office Management and Business Process

Chris Ockwig, Office Manager

Colorado Resiliency Office

Anne Miller, Director

Community Development Office

Andy Hill, Director

Colorado Main Street Program
Gayle Langley, Director

State Land Use Office
KC McFerson, Director

Financial Assistance Services

Tamra Norton, Director

Local Government Services

Cynthia Thayer, Director


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