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Special Districts
Special Districts in Colorado are local governments, which include counties, municipalities (cities and towns), school districts, and other types of government entities such as "authorities" and "special districts."

Special Districts


Colorado law limits the types of services that county governments can provide to residents. Districts are created to fill the gaps that may exist in the services counties provide and the services the residents may desire. The majority of districts draw their boundaries in unincorporated county land, but residents of a municipality may be included in one or more districts.

As political subdivisions of the State of Colorado, special districts are required to submit a number of required filings to various state agencies throughout the year. These filings are primarily financial, but also include election results, lists of boards of directors, and others.


Types of Title 32 Special Districts

  • Ambulance
  • Fire Protection
  • Health Assurance
  • Health Service
  • Metropolitan
  • Park and Recreation
  • Sanitation Water
  • Water and Sanitation

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