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In providing services to citizens, local governments determine which and what levels of services they provide through a budget process. Colorado local governments are required to prepare, adopt and file a budget with the Division annually.

Important Budget Dates

  • August 25: Preliminary assessed values available from county assessors
  • December 10: Final assessed values released
  • December 15: Certification of mill levy to county commissioners (DLG70 Form)
  • December 31: Deadline to adopt budget
  • January 31: Budgets due to DOLA via eFiling (Electronic Submissions instructions below)


  • Budget Requirements - Statute requires a few items be included with a budget filing. Use this checklist to ensure your budget meets the standards.
  • Budget Calendar - This budget calendar provides general dates to consider in the preparation and adoption of the budget. Each local government should use these to guide the creation of their own budget process calendar.
  • Budget Amendments - Budget amendments are occasionally necessary, and should be filed with the division when adopted by a local government.
  • E-file your budget
  • Legal Investments for Local Governments

Electronic Submissions

Electronic submission must be in .pdf format (no .doc, .xls or other file types) is the preferred method of filing budget and other documents.

  1. Log in using your e-filing user ID (i.e. EF00000ABC)
  2. Continue past the contact update form, click on "Budget" tab
  3. Select Add Document
  4. Choose Annual Budget document type from the dropdown menu
  5. Choose your budget document from a location on your system
  6. Type in the date the document was adopted, fill-in the year the budget covers and add any comments desired
  7. Click Continue
  8. Confirm the information on the review page then click Submit Document

Sample Forms


Contact Information

Mia Gonzales
Budget Program Administrator


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