November Resiliency Conversation: Collaboration to Build Capacity

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November Resiliency Conversation: Collaboration for Capacity Building

Collaboration for capacity building can be a powerful tool for positive change, particularly in rural communities like those in Colorado. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and community members, we can pool resources, expertise, and ideas to address the unique challenges faced by rural areas. In Colorado, collaboration can foster sustainable development, enhance educational opportunities, and promote economic growth. For instance, partnerships that focus on skills training, infrastructure development, and access to technology can empower rural residents, opening doors to new employment opportunities and improving overall quality of life. Moreover, by fostering a sense of community ownership and involvement, collaboration ensures that initiatives are tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of Colorado's rural and urban populations, promoting a resilient and thriving future for the people who call them home

Did You Know?

The Colorado Resiliency Office, along with other partners have collaborated to provide a list of resources helpful to local governments for building capacity. This list, which is featured in our newsletter each month, highlights several different opportunities for local governments spanning technical assistance, funding navigation, grant writing support, and more.

Dive Deeper:

The Colorado Rural Education Collaborative is a group of rural districts and stakeholders working together to advance opportunity and prosperity for rural Colorado students and their families. The Colorado Rural Education Collaborative was created by rural educators, for rural educators. These districts came together to design a collaboration that meets the needs of their rural communities. Collaborative partners are working to expand student opportunities, enhance educational value, and enrich economic prosperity for rural Colorado.

Learn More About Resilience in Colorado

To learn more about how state agencies are working together to strengthen resiliency across Colorado, and how the Colorado Resiliency Office is facilitating strategic action, please visit the Colorado Resiliency Office's website.