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Purchasing through State Price Agreements enhances the procurement programs of counties, municipalities, school districts and special districts with access to state awards, cooperative purchasing, technical information and procurement alternatives.

State Price Agreements (State Purchasing & Contracts Office)

The Colorado State Purchasing and Contracts Office relies on competitive bids to award contracts to purchase thousands of different commonly used commodities. Local governments can buy off these awards at volume discount prices, often without having to go through their own bidding process. This benefits both the state and political subdivisions.

Purchasing From a State Price Agreement

State Price Agreements provides a schedule of price agreements by category, as well as pricing and other details for active contracts used to buy directly from vendors. Vendors make shipments to and invoice direct with purchasers. Buying off state price agreements is a trouble-free process, compatible with current procurement procedures of individual organizations. Searching for the best price and supplier requires simply looking up the product in the appropriate award or index.

Advantages of Cooperative Purchasing

  • Lower prices from competition for larger volumes.
  • Reduced overhead costs because one organization handles the bidding process.
  • Improved vendor relations as a result of volume business.
  • Combined expertise of many purchasing professionals.

Contact Information

Cynthia Thayer
Division of Local Government
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