Colorado Main Street Services


The following is a list of services provided by Colorado Main Street staff. This list is not comprehensive, but should provide a general understanding of the basic services provided. Services are available to communities upon request and availability of the Colorado Main Street staff and other resources. 

Services for any Colorado Community

Training: Main Street 101

Colorado Main Street staff can host a video conference call or visit your community to provide a brief overview of the Colorado Main Street program and the overall approach to downtown revitalization. Ideally various community organizations and members would attend the meeting and arrive having viewed the information available on the Colorado Main Street website. 

Training: Main Street Webinars

Each Main Street webinar covers a topic within one of the four points. Colorado Main Street staff, board members, and volunteers are welcome to attend. 

Communications: Newsletter

Colorado Main Street emails a bimonthly newsletter of best practices, community highlights, and tips and ideas for downtown revitalization. Contact Colorado Main Street staff to be added to the list. 

Communications: Social Media 

Colorado Main Street hosts a Facebook page to share stories. 


Numerous resources for Main Street communities, including this manual, are available on the Colorado Main Street website.

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Colorado Main Street staff members are avid public servants eager to help:

Additional Services for Aspiring Communities

Consulting Services

Colorado Main Street may be able to provide consulting services to aspiring communities depending upon their readiness to enter the program. Services might include board training, or development of a Vision, Mission, Strategic Plan, and Work Plan. Please contact staff for details. 

Additional Services for Achieving Communities

Training: Activation Visit

Colorado Main Street staff conduct an activation visit with communities that enter the program at the Candidate level to get the community started in its Main Street efforts with a solid foundation. By the end of the activation visit, the manager, board, and community stakeholders should have a basic understanding of what the Main Street program is and why it is important, and be able to begin identifying transformational strategies and developing an annual work plan to guide their future efforts.

Additional Services Achieving, Excelling, and Exceptional Communities 


Noncompetitive mini-grants are based on available funding and require a 25 percent match. These funds are available for long-term investments in the downtown, not for operational costs. Funded projects must be part of the community’s annual work plan, and consistent with its strategic plan. 


Scholarships are based on available funding and are intended to ensure that the local program manager attends the Main Street Manager Summit, and for at least one representative from the community (the manager, a board member, elected official, or dedicated volunteer) to attend the National Main Street Conference. Remaining funds may be used to pay for other training as approved by Colorado Main Street.

Consulting Services

Available consulting funds, which do not require a match, also can help achieve key goals of a community’s strategic plan, as well as help complete requirements to move to the next tier. Colorado Main Street staff works with communities to determine project needs and identify a consultant from our pre-qualified pool. 

Training: Main Street Managers Summit

The Main Street Managers Summit is a gathering of Colorado Main Street managers and provides an opportunity to learn from peers, discuss available resources, and learn current best practices. Attendance is a requirement for official communities.

Training: New Manager Orientation

Orientation to the Colorado Main Street Program helps new Main Street managers fully understand the mission and requirements of the program. 

Annual Visits

Each year, Colorado Main Street staff visits all local programs to ensure they continue to build capacity and progress through the tiers of the statewide program. This process helps to determine projects where Colorado Main Street staff can be of assistance, consulting services can best be utilized, and mini-grants might be applied.

Site and Virtual Visits

As funding and schedules permit, Colorado Main Street staff and/or consultants can meet with the local manager, board, municipal elected officials, and/or community stakeholders to provide a solid understanding of what the Main Street program is and why it is important, as well as create a roadmap for future efforts so the community can advance in the program.

Managers’ Listserv

This listserv is for local Main Street Managers and appropriate staff to quickly communicate questions, issues, best practices, and other items of discussion among local Main Street leaders. 

Technical Assistance

Colorado Main Street provides training and technical assistance as requested and as resources are available to help with a community’s strategic plan, transformational strategies, and/or work plan. These services can be provided by Colorado Main Street staff or consultants, depending on the nature and urgency of the need. 

Architectural Services

Colorado Main Street has a full-time architect to help the local government and private property owners with historic preservation, building reuse, signage, energy efficiency, and more. See the Architectural Assistance Request form on the Colorado Main Street website

Additional Services for Excelling and Exceptional Communities 

Road Signs 

Highway signs with the Colorado Main Street logo are available to help identify your community as part of the Main Street network and a great place to visit. The local program suggests locations along the entryways to its Main Street district, and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) fabricates and installs the signs. 


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