Incentives Grant Program (IHOI)

The Affordable Housing Development Incentives Grant Program provides grants to local governments to develop one or more affordable housing developments in their community that are livable, vibrant, and driven by community benefits.


  • These incentive grants can help cover tap fees, infrastructure, parks/playgrounds and other needs and amenities that support the affordable housing project. 
  • Projects are encouraged to provide community benefits (e.g., covering tap fees or infrastructure costs for an affordable housing project and/with a child care center, for example). 
  • A small portion can be used for needs and amenities in the neighborhood where the affordable housing development is located. 
  • To qualify, local governments must adopt at least three strategies from the menu of policy and regulatory options listed in the program guidelines.

Who Should Apply

This program is no longer accepting new applications. Over $37.5 million has been awarded to 35 grantee communities, and projects are underway through 2024.

  • Municipalities, counties, and city/counties are eligible for all three programs. 
  • Federally recognized tribes are eligible for the Affordable Housing Toolkit Program only. 

Annual Report


Funding Decisions

The Department of Labor Affairs has set aside up to approximately $250,000 from the Affordable Housing Development Incentives Grant Program to assist eligible Colorado municipalities and counties with funds to support preliminary planning and analysis work that is often needed to get an affordable housing development project ready to seek financing.

Many communities and stakeholders have expressed a funding gap for this type of planning and analysis work. Eligible communities include local governments who have adopted at least three qualifying strategies as listed in House Bill 21-1271.

We are coordinating this program with Colorado Housing and Finance Authority’s Small Scale Affordable Housing Technical Assistance program.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • This program is no longer accepting applications.

Funding Decisions



Program Contacts

Mitch Hendrick
Program Manager
Phone: 303.548.9364

Nicola Donaven
Program Assistant
Phone: 720.955.9692


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