Planning Grant Program (IHOP)

The Planning Grant Program provides grants to local governments to help them understand their housing needs and adopt policy and regulatory strategies to qualify for the Affordable Housing Development Incentives Grant Program.


  • The Planning Grant Program can fund housing needs assessments to help local governments guide their policy and regulatory approach to reducing barriers to affordable housing development, but the application for funding must also include work to adopt a qualifying strategy (from the options listed in the bill). 
  • Approximately $6,816,000 is available for Planning Grant awards. 
  • Individual Planning Grant awards are expected to be approximately $50,000-$200,000. 
  • Applicants are strongly encouraged to consult with their Department of Local Affairs Regional Manager and to get input from CDO staff before submitting a Planning Grant Program application. 
  • Applications can be submitted anytime through the Division of Local Government Online Grants Portal.

Who Should Apply

  • Currently, the Planning Grant Program is not accepting applications. All funds have been awarded to 65 grantee communities and work is currently underway through 2024.
  • Municipalities, counties, and city/counties are eligible for all three programs. 
  • Federally recognized tribes are eligible for the Affordable Housing Toolkit Program only. 

Model Land Use Code (MLUC) Update

As part of the Planning Grant Program, the Community Development Office will update and publish model land use codes for municipalities and counties. For more information on the MLUC update process, see the Community Development Office’s Land Use Codes webpage.

Estimated Project Timeline

  • Preliminary MLUC concept identification and comment period (Spring 2023) 
  • MLUC refinement and detailed comment period (Spring 2023) 
  • MLUC draft finalization (Spring - Summer 2023) 
  • Refine draft MLUC with Subject Matter Experts at “Code Camp” (Summer 2023) 
  • MLUC Workshop and subsequent refinement at Colorado APA (September 2023) 
  • MLUC refinement and finalization (Fall 2023 - early 2024) 
  • MLUC Educational Outreach Series (Spring 2024) 

Funding Decisions

Annual Reports



Program Contacts

Mitch Hendrick
Program Manager
Phone: 303.548.9364

Nicola Donaven
Program Assistant
Phone: 720.955.9692


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