Conservation Trust Fund (CTF)

The Department of Local Affairs distributes Conservation Trust Fund (CTF) dollars quarterly, on a per capita basis, to over 470 eligible local governments: counties, cities, towns, and Title 32 special districts that provide park and recreation services in their service plans.

Funding can be used for the acquisition, development, and maintenance of new conservation sites or for capital improvements or maintenance for recreational purposes on any public site. A public site is defined by the department as a publicly owned site, or a site in which a public entity/local government holds an interest in land or water.



Any county, municipality, or special district which has created a conservation trust fund pursuant to this section and which has certified to the department of local affairs that it has created such fund.

Distribution Totals

Conservation Trust Fund distributions are based on population:

  • 2022 population figures will be used for the four quarterly distributions in 2024.
  • 2023 population figures will be used for the four quarterly distributions in 2025.

Per capita share by calendar year

Distribution Total: $81,760,837
State Population: 5,814,710
Per Capita Share: $14.06

Distribution Total: $73,964,529
State Population: 5,783,168
Per Capita Share: $12.79

Distribution Total: $70,006,276
State Population: 5,763,976
Per Capita Share: $12.15


Conservation Trust Fund Annual Certification and Reporting

The annual Status of "Conservation Trust Fund and Spending Report and Certification of Eligibility" filings are submitted through the Division of Local Government Formulaic Portal. You must create a user account and request access to your local government to submit your annual required filings.

Annual Deadlines:

  • March 31 for the "Status of Conservation Trust Fund and Spending Report," reporting on the previous year.
  • December 31 for the "Certification of Eligibility," to certify for the upcoming year.

Conservation Trust Fund Portal Account Guide

Manage Conservation Trust Fund Filings

Population Information

Final Conservation Trust Fund Population Estimates

Population Totals

Contact Information

Kodi Johnson
Program Manager
(303) 902-8993


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