Infrastructure Assistance Program


Opportunities for Boulder County Jurisdictions

Colorado is allocating a portion of Community Development Block Grant - Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds to the Mitigation Infrastructure Assistance Program. The program provides funding to assist communities impacted by the Marshall Fire and Straight Line Wind event with infrastructure projects to reduce long-term risk to disasters.

The maximum grant award amount to be considered is $267,000. The State reserves the right to make partial awards and encourages applicants to consider including scalability considerations in their applications. Given the limited amount of funding available, commitment of local in-kind or cash matching funds will show applicant commitment to the project and may be factored into the application evaluation process. However, matching funds are not a requirement of the Mitigation Infrastructure Assistance Program.

Eligible Recipients

Boulder County, the Town of Superior, and the City of Louisville, or a joint application from these jurisdictions are eligible.

The three jurisdictions are encouraged to cultivate partnerships with each other and other partners as necessary. Multi-jurisdictional and multi-objective approaches that address both shocks and stresses that contribute to community vulnerability will be more competitive.

Applicants must have legal authority to adopt and enforce the proposed plan. Note: Does not apply to Councils of Government (COGs). COGs can apply on behalf of jurisdictions that have such authority.

Eligible Use of Funds

Infrastructure projects that are directly related to needs identified as a result of the declared disaster are eligible. The Infrastructure Assistance Program will utilize CDBG-DR funds to address the following needs of eligible applicants:

  • Provide support to disaster-impacted units of government with payment of their non-federal share requirements (FEMA PA Match and FEMA HMGP Match) so they can access other disaster recovery resources without incurring an unexpected financial burden to address recovery needs;
  • Provide funds to units of government to develop “Stand-Alone” infrastructure projects which can be funded with up to 100% CDBG-DR funding, that are necessary to address unmet disaster recovery needs from impacts tied to the Marshall Fire and Straight Line WInds Event.

Ineligible Use of Funds

Mitigation Infrastructure Assistance Program projects that do not meet the HUD definition of mitigation, do not serve the Most Impacted (MID), or are for private infrastructure activities are ineligible for funding. Private infrastructure activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Repair or replacement of private roads, retaining walls and bridges, and
  • Repair, replacement, or relocation of private utilities.

How to Apply

A Notice of Funding Availability and application will be posted on the DOLA Grant Portal in late 2023. For preliminary information or any questions, please contact:
Will Cundiff, CDBG-DR Program Manager 
303-864-8477, will.cundiff@state.co.us

All applications must be submitted via the online grants portal. Applications must be submitted electronically by the due date and must be signed by the chief local elected official.


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