Area Median Income and Housing Calculator


Area Median Income and Your Household Income

Awards in the Housing Recovery Program will be based on the income level of the household and income is calculated at the time of application. AMI is Area Median Income and is a calculation completed for all counties and household sizes across Colorado. The Area Median Income (AMI) varies by County and is dependent on household size. Find the Area Median Income limits that apply to you.

Steps to find your income level and eligibility for HRP funds:

  1. Download the 2023 AMI tables
  2. Find the table for county. Please note that only those counties eligible for HRP funds are shown. 
  3. Find the row representing your household size (including children and any non-family members living there permanently).
  4. Based on your annual income, read across the Household size row until you get to the column with the first dollar amount that equals or exceeds the combined annual income of all household members.
  5. The first column that equals or exceeds your household income is your AMI level (80%, 100%, 120%, and 150%). This level of AMI identifies the grant/forgivable loan you may be eligible for.
  6. Households with an annual income that is greater than the county’s 150% AMI are not eligible for a grant/forgivable loan but are eligible for traditional loans.

Housing Assistance Calculator

An assistance calculator is available to help you determine whether to apply for Housing Recovery Program funds. This calculator is a guide and there is no need to review your information with anyone else. 

Access the English version or the Spanish version of the Assistance Calculator. 


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