Land Use and Water Primer


This three-part Land Use and Water Primer is a high-level reference for those interested in learning more about what water and land use planning that Colorado’s local governments typically engage in, either voluntarily or in compliance with state or federal requirements. The primer series was developed jointly by staff from the Department of Local Affairs’ (DOLA) Community Development Office and the Colorado Water Conservation Board’s Water Supply Planning Section.

Part 1 – Planning Basics

Reviews the importance of integrating water and land use, along with the current practice of land use planning and water planning across Colorado. In addition, this part outlines a variety of plan and key policy types at the nexus of water and land use planning.  

Review the Current Practice of Water and Land Use Planning in Colorado

Part 2 – Support and Data Resources

Summarizes support for land and water planning integration from state agencies and other organizations. Describes state and local data sources that could inform water and land use planning. Includes links to more in-depth resources on planning efforts.

Learn What Support and Data are Available for Integrating Land Use and Water Planning

Part 3 - Key Context

A quick reference that summarizes, in bullet format, key points about land use planning, water planning, interaction between water planning and land use planning, and water and land use data and resources.

Review the Key Points

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