Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) is a federally funded program that provides formulaic grants to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty in communities. Colorado has 32 eligible local entities working under nine Community Services Block Grant federal objectives including employment, education, income management, housing, emergency services, nutrition, linkages with other programs, self sufficiency, and health.

  • Employment
  • Education and Cognitive Development
  • Income, Infrastructure, and Asset Building
  • Housing
  • Health and Social/Behavioral Development (includes Nutrition)
  • Civic Engagement and Community Involvement
  • Services Supporting Multiple Domains
  • Linkages (for example partnerships that support multiple domains)
  • Agency Capacity Building
  • Other (for example emergency management/disaster relief)

The Department of Local Affairs does not provide cash grants to individuals or charge a fee for receiving grant funds. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be a representative of a grant program managed by Department of Local Affairs requesting personal information and offering grant funds, it may be a phishing or fraud attempt. Please visit the File A Report section of Stop Fraud Colorado. For more information on fraudulent behaviors please visit the Federal Health and Human Services Community Services Block Grant page on fraud.

About the Community Services Block Grant State Plan

The Department of Local Affairs is required to develop and submit a Community Services Block Grant State Plan to the Office of Community Services, either annually or biennially, outlining the planned use of funds, program policies, and how the state office will work to ensure that the intents and purposes of the grant are met. The state office is required to make the plan available for public inspection and to hold a public hearing to provide the public an opportunity to comment on the proposed use and distribution of funds. Department of Local Affairs is interested in collecting feedback on the proposed plan from local stakeholders, community members and partners. Information on the date of the public hearing and how to participate is below, along with where to send comments on the plan by email or phone.

State Plan 2024-2025

State Plan 2022-2023

Public Comments

  • Please send your comments, recommendations, or feedback by email to Alex Diaz (alex.diaz@state.co.us). You can also provide comments by calling 303-864-8423.

Calendar and Upcoming Dates

  • March 29: Monthly Reimbursement Request Due
  • March 29: Finalized Revisions for Projections for PY2024 Due
  • April 16: Quarterly Conference Call
  • April 30: Quarterly/Desk Monitoring Reimbursement Request Due
  • April 30: Spending Plan for Remaining PY2023 Funds Due
  • May 31: Monthly Reimbursement Request Due
  • June 28: Monthly Reimbursement Request Due

2024 Community Services Block Grant Program Calendar

Annual Allocation

Per statute, 90% of Community Services Block Grant funds are allocated to the eligible entities, while 5% is for administration and 5% is for discretionary awards. Department of Local Affairs prioritizes the training, technical assistance and capacity needs of its Community Services Block Grant eligible entities as the primary priority for discretionary funding.

Contact Information

Alex Diaz
Program Manager
(303) 864-8423

Becky Saad
Program Coordinator
(303) 864-7894

Audrey Field
Financial Assistance Manager
(303) 864-7897

2024 Poverty Guidelines for the 48 Continental United States

Federal Poverty Level - The FPL information is listed for the contiguous states. There are additional resources available.
FPL Calculator – The calculator allows your review FPL with varying factors (year, family size, annual income, percent of FPL).
Federal Poverty Level Table 2024

Program Guidance and Policies

Community Services Block Grant Program Implementation Manual

Informational Memoranda

2024-2026 Community Services Block Grant Application Resources

Community Needs Assessment -Community Action Plans/Application

Requests for Reimbursement

Apply & Manage Grant

Other Forms and Templates

Annual Report

Organizational Standards

Community Services Block Grant Monitoring

2023-2025 Monitoring Schedule

Quarterly Conference Calls

January 16, 2024 Agenda and  January 16, 2024 Recording

October 17, 2023 Agenda and October 17, 2023 Recording

July 18, 2023 Agenda and July 18, 2023 Recording

April 18, 2023 Agenda and April 18, 2023 Recording


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