Rural Economic Advancement of Colorado Towns (REACT)

Rural Economic Advancement of Colorado Towns (REACT) assists rural communities with job retention and creation as a result of a significant community or regional economic event. Provision of state nonmonetary resources and assistance may include the Division’s Regional Field team, Department of Labor and Employment staff and the Colorado Office of Economic Development team.


Assistance available includes provision and coordination of available state nonmonetary resources. Resources may include capacity-building resources and services such as job training and other workforce development, technical assistance or other nonmonetary resources.

Who Should Apply

  • Counties with a population fewer than fifty thousand or
  • Municipalities with a population of fewer than twenty thousand if the municipality is not contiguous to a municipality with a population of twenty thousand or more.

The Application Process

Letters requesting assistance must be sent to the Department of Local Affairs Executive Director c/o Division of Local Government, Regional Field Team, 1313 Sherman Street, Room 521, Denver, CO 80203.  All letters must detail the county/municipality/region impacted, the applicant’s population size, the significant economic event that has occurred and the total number of jobs within the rural applicant’s community impacted.

Note: a significant economic event means an event occurring within a rural community or region such as a plant closure or layoffs, including industry-wide layoffs that may have a significant, quantifiable impact on the total number of jobs within the rural community.

Contact Information

Please contact your Regional Manager for more information.


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