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April 2024 Resiliency Conversation: Planning Ahead for Water Uncertainty

Even as Colorado sits at close to 100% of average snowpack at the twilight of ski season, water availability and management remains top of mind for community leaders across the state. Water availability impacts everything including wildfire concerns, human health, the health of aquatic ecosystems, key water infrastructure, agriculture, and the state’s $62.5 billion per year outdoor recreation industry.

Resiliency Roadmap Implementation Grants Summary

In late 2023, the Department of Local Affairs in partnership with the Office of Economic Development and International Trade Rural Opportunity Office launched funding through the Rural Technical Assistance Program. Each of the Regional Community Teams that took part in the Resiliency Roadmaps Program were eligible for this non-competitive $41,000 award to advance a component of their Roadmap strategies – fulfilling our promise to communities that these plans would not just sit on a shelf.

February Resiliency Conversation: Federal Grant Compliance and Monitoring

February Resiliency Conversation: Federal Grant Compliance and Monitoring 

In this time of historic Federal funding through programs such as the Infrastructure Investments and Jobs Act (IIJA), there is a lot of opportunity for local communities to make investments in their infrastructure that will last for generations to come and help set us up to be resilient to potential impacts of the future. However, drawing down this funding takes a lot of effort, such as technical expertise, administrative capacity, grant compliance and more.

January 2024 Resiliency Conversation

We are exploring this very concept in this year’s Colorado Resiliency Summit. This year we are diving into “Stories of Resilience: Uniting for Climate Adaptation.” So often we seek traditional solutions to solving our complex and diverse community needs, and we usually outsource additional resources outside our communities to build our capacity.

November Resiliency Conversation: Collaboration to Build Capacity

Collaboration can be a powerful tool for positive change, as well as building capacity, particularly in rural communities in Colorado. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, including government agencies, non-profit organizations, local businesses, and community members, we can pool resources, expertise, and ideas to address the unique challenges faced by rural areas.

October Resiliency Conversation: Storytelling for Resilience

The power of storytelling weaves a tapestry of resilience throughout the vast and diverse communities in Colorado. As communities grapple with the profound impacts of climate change, narratives of strength, adaptation, and unity emerge as guiding beacons. Through the art of storytelling, Coloradans share tales of overcoming adversity, forging alliances in the face of environmental challenges, and finding innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

Public Safety Funding Opportunities at DLG

Did you know that DLG manages seven programs in our Public Safety Portfolio, providing over $20 million for a range of activities through local governments and local nonprofits? These activities include improving public facilities, supporting non-profit organizations, and enforcing marijuana regulations. 

Governor Polis has put forth ambitious strategies to help Colorado become one of the top ten safest states in the nation. The Division of Local Government (DLG) supports your local initiatives through various ongoing programs.

Marshall Fire Moving Forward - Funding and Resource Fair

Marshall ROC, the Colorado State Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), and more than 30 disaster recovery partners, funders, government agencies and municipalities, recovery navigators and nonprofit organizations are collaborating to present a community-wide event focused on providing the most up-to-date information on funding and all the recovery and rebuilding resources available to support you.

September Resiliency Conversation: Extreme Heat

Extreme heat is the single largest cause of weather-related deaths in the U.S. over the last three decades. Read more about this month's resiliency conversation and what is happening in this space!

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